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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ivy League Integration

Cross-media campaign for Harvard Business School's Burning Question Leadership Exchange Conference done by Brainco graduates Leena Hashim-Waris (AD) and Colin Corcoran(CW).

In the interactive piece, question marks in Economist articles burst into flames when the cursor moves over them and a payoff appears in the rollover bar.



R. Falch said...

I like the icon in the upper left hand corner.

Anonymous said...

Is the second execution a print piece or is it an Alt Media piece which involves the medium of Eye Covers?

Eye Covers in private jets. ?

Anonymous said...

Eye Covers are hot right now...

mplsminx said...

I like the interactive a lot--the "burning question" is brilliant.

I think that the hotel and plane executions would have to be more carefully targeted to be successful, though.