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Monday, August 13, 2007

My Foot Doesn't Taste as Good as it Looks

Perhaps I'm completely wrong. This campaign done by Tim Bunker, (CW) graduate of VCU Ad Center. Not sure if this was done before or after his professional career, his site was passed onto me as a student book. Regardless, I think it demonstrates a brand transformation that works simply and cleanly with just one media (though I'm showing 3 here.) What do you guys think about how well these branding-type ads do what they need to do in defining the brand?


Casey Brewer said...

I swear to god I did almost the same thing as this for It's just lunch. I was told repeatedly to never show the characters because the headline should leave the reader to their own devices about what they look like. These don't really have a headline though, and I'm a bit confused about the strategy. So RC Cola is for freaks?

Anonymous said...

I just think the whole idea of profiling weirdos as a way of branding is old. i'd rather see less work for something more original or an idea that isn't trying so hard.

Brock Johnson said...

Agreed. Not working for me either. I think the writing on the back of the cards is pretty funny, though.