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Monday, August 13, 2007

Car Ads

This Volvo ad was done by Fred Ross (AD) and Mark Kunert (CW) of Chicago Portfolio School. My question to other portfolio students--do you have rules or recommendations on doing car ads at your school? At Brainco, I can't say we're discouraged from doing them, but they are rarley assigned.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea in the line, its fairly clever, although while a volvo might be great for taking kids to their soccer games I don't know if the first part of the line works I don't think picking up girls is commonly done with a volvo. I think if it was a different "sexier" brand like lexus or land rover maybe, or if art directionally you see the vehicle in a sexier shot. That way it looks cool or is cool enough to pick up girls, but then the suv aspect ties into it. I dont know if I explained that the way I'm thinking but it's just a thought.

And to the discussion about using car ads in your book, I think it is ok to do. But I think it's important to do a brand or model that is unpopular or lame, that way you can show that you can make it cool. Doing ads for Porsche and BMW seems like it would be too easy, as well as these cars already have an established and phenomenal brand identity. Now doing cool ads for the Mercury Villager would be an impressive site to see.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

I think doing something for Mercury (or another boring brand) would be problemeatic in that you would essentially have to start completely from scratch.

Now this is a great opportunity in the real world, but for ad students, I almost feel that its too much freedom. Unless you want to use it as a branding campaign, in which case you'd want to pull in graphic designers, as well as account planners showing a variety of mediums, to really pull of a campaign that wows creative directors, don't you think? Not that this is something we shouldn't be doing--but a standard print, alt media, or even interactive/web site campaign purley operating under the classic AD + CW formula of execution I think falls short in scope.

Can you really re-define a crappy brand, make it cool and relevant in a parody category with something that takes up 2 or 3 seconds of someones attention span?
And when I say re-define, I mean complete transformation.

Should we really be focusing on trying stuff this big as students? I think television is a wonderful starting medium for aspiring ADs and CW's-but its largley inpractical for many ad students.

I almost think re-branding is a better project for graphic design students.

What do you all think?

R. Falch said...

This is too much like a car ad.

Brock Johnson said...

Two words: Pedophelia