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Friday, August 17, 2007

Sexual Branding?

This :90, entitled "We're going to be late" is part of a new and controversial campaign for Bluefly done by McCaffery Gottlieb & Lane in New York. I haven't seen it on the airwaves here in the States, and I don't think they ever would.

Thoughts on this provocative campaign (all involving sex and or naked women). Is it purely sex trying to sell, or is there a real high fashion/style truism being communicated here? And as students, what can we borrow and learn from it if anything?


Brock Johnson said...

It's a basic idea to me, but I do like the execution. The tone and mood is pretty cool and I think it's a beautifully shot spot. The payoff works for me as well. I don't like to discredit sexual ads just because their sexual ads.

As a student I would get absolutely crucified for bringing in campaigns with anything sexual in them. "It's too easy," "It's not smart," etc, etc. I think there is a bit of truth to that, but sexual urges are fundamental in the human makeup so I don't discredit their effectiveness.

Sex is so taboo in the U.S. that usually it just comes off as "controversial" or "shocking." Can they work? Yes. But, I do think its a pretty dry well. That's when you need to find a little moisture in the places you don't expect to find it.

All this said, I've been called a dirty fucking pervert on more than one occasion.

Andy said...


Brock Johnson said...

Ok, I thought about it and the reason I like this is because the couple seems to be married. I'm tired of hearing and seeing the idea that once you're married any romantic notion is dead. I appreciate the approach that shows love and lust coexisting in an eternal bond.

I certainly am not offended by the notion of casual sex, one night stands, hot carls, or otherwise; it just seems predictable. The whole "ball and chain" approach is so Bud Light and played out.

Anonymous said...

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