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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

St. Croix Fishing

Some spec work done by Brainco graduate and writer at Russell Herder, Casey Brewer (CW) and Chris Neil. The classic twist.

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Casey Brewer said...

Wow, I'm getting street cred on Portfolio Party. Whooohoo!

Andy said...

nice writing, casey. i dig the last one the most.

the only thing i'd say is that the ads are too dark (as in lack of light) and the art direction is a little blah.

overall, though, nice work.

Casey Brewer said...

Thanks Andy.

BTW, we were going for dark and foreboding, the tag afterall is "what fish fear".

Brock Johnson said...

Nice lines, Casey.

The critique of many of my campaigns so far has been that the strategy is "too easy." Even if they liked the headlines, it would ultimately get shot down due to simple strategy.

I have been told that the easier the strategy the harder the lines have to work. The more difficult or interesting a strategy, the less lifting the lines have to do.

Fish fearing fishing rods seems like a simple strategy. Have you been told this before? And do you agree with it?

Casey Brewer said...

Yeah it's simple. That was the intention. Fisherman are pretty straight forward folks for the most part. The St. Croix fisherman undertstands the value of a 500$ rod, but aren't quite as elitist as their fly-fishing brothers. The idea was to have a simple strategy with a thought provoking headline. Most people I've shown them to have liked them. There is one line that I feel is the red headed, cross-eyed step child, but I'll be working on that.

Brock Johnson said...

Nice, good insight. Thanks man.

Casey Brewer said...

Another point to the art direction, we manipulated the photos to look like dusk or dawn (best time to fish), and I'm not sure that comes across in the low-res JPGs. Thanks for the comments dudes. I appreciate the critique.

R. Falch said...

I like all three of the lines. I like the second by a million miles.

Has anyone ever caught a musky? I got one that was only 24 inches (relatively small for a muskellunge) and that bastard took over 30 minutes to reel in.

I hated him so much that I threw him back and promised I'd be back for him.

I have a real problem with following through on things...

Andrew said...

I like the second and third headlines the most. I don't, however, think you need the end line. Or the tag, for that matter; they take it too far, in my opinion.

But yeah, "cold, relentless heart" is great.