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Thursday, August 16, 2007

From the Land of WTF

This headline campaign for Aldi was done at Brainco. Is it WTF or TFF (thats f--ing funny)?


Anonymous said...

taken from a previous post.

OK, so I hope this post doesn't come too late and hope you all can read it.

On the subject of the design trend in advertising I agree with the previous posts. I want to bring up the subject of design taking over all forms of media. The reason I bring this up is because I am currently watching 300. The movie. I'm sure everyone has seen it. Visually this movie is like nothing I've ever seen before. (although I have not seen Grindhouse, so I might be reaching.) But what I take from this movie is an elobarate, well thought, brilliant, and revolutionary approach at watching a movie, not because the story is so new an d fresh but because the conveyance of this film is so unreal.

To bring it back to the subject of the importance of design, I see this as a parralell (mispelled I'm sure.) In this day and age pushing the limit of expectancy is the same as Jimi Hendrix showing up at the festival, which name escapes me at the moment, and blowing everyones minds.

We, as creatives are constantly striving for something that will set us a part, get us a job, and make a mark. But we are not alone. Everyone who deals with creativity, as well as non creativity, I.E. the suit and tie business world are looking for the one IDEA that will set the standard and revolutionize the industry. (to get an idea go to the superbeast blog and find the Banksy quote.)

I might be drunk but I feel that the fuel to society now more than ever is creativity.

Everything has been done and done well. But there is such a push to push what has been done. We have all learned that advertising is about the innovators and to make a name for yourself is to be original.

The point is that all of these factors mean that we have ultimate creaive freedom. Fuck it. If you think it's c0ol then roll with it. A simple jingle and pretty little ad campaign no longer cuts it. Think outside the box so much that going inside the box seems so foreign and scary that it is never an option.

My opinion is that as CW's and AD's, we are trying to beat the people before us. The lexicon that we are dealing with at the moment leaves us so much freedom to do whatever the fuck we want. SO DO IT!!!!

We are in a state that dictates creativity. Nothing will be taken seriously these days if it does not have creative thought to it. So as creatives... Let's party!!!!!!!

As long as it relates to mankind it works.

R. Falch said...

The story of 300 is new and fresh?

I like headlines in the first two ads.

Casey Brewer said...

300 was the most homoerotic movie I've ever seen in my life. It even puts He-Man to shame. As for the art direction of the picture? I felt like I was watching a screen saver with tons of naked man teets. Gay. As in really bad, and well, really gay.

americanmidwestsamurai said...


Despite what the film may have lacked as a story--you have to admit it was a stunning visual achievment. It was a moving painting for Christ sake.

Calling it "gay" is an under-cooked critcism.

Brock Johnson said...

As much as I didn't like the story of the movie 300, the visuals won me over.

Let's not forget that they did show boobs in that movie. And they were nice.

R. Falch said...

That movie was like listening to Steve Vai play guitar.

Except horriblier.

Casey Brewer said...

No it isn't. That movie was like those stupid Charles Schwab commercials with the Linklater graphic filter (Waking Life etc.). All execution with no concept. It worked brilliantly for Sin City, but Sin City actually had at least modicum of thought behind it. It was a bad movie with a gimmicky visual aid.

As for the "gay" comment, it was a joke, but it was directed at the blatent homoeroticism of the film. Not every Spartan looked like Fabio I'm sure.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

absolutley it had a concept...the comic book illustration in the graphic novel it echoed.

R. Falch said...

It was like listening to Steve Vai play guitar.

Casey Brewer said...

So they made a movie/comic book. It was bad. Gratuitous and bad. Jerry Bruckheimer makes a lot of movies that look "cool", and they're all mind-numbingly forgettable. In the case of 300, the effect was the story. I haven't seen the graphic novel, was it all close-ups of grossly carved pectoral muscles and manabdomens with dialog that amounts to twaddle?

The hunchback is going to go down in history as the dumbest character since that dude in Arnold's gut in Total Recall.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

I think you would be hard pressed to find a Bruckheimer production that seperated itself from the typical action movie as much as 300 did (purely visually).

Look, I'm not defending the film as a film--but hey, just because Halle Berry can't act doesn't mean she's not beautiful.

graphicmind said...

>Casey Brewer said...
>was it all close-ups of grossly >carved pectoral muscles and >manabdomens with dialog that amounts >to twaddle?

My Response:

What's wrong with that?