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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kid Robots

These spreads for Kid Robot were done by Salina Cole (CW) of SVA in New York. It gives us an opportunity to talk about borrowed interest. In advertising there are rules, and there are none. Thoughts about these ads, and when borrowed interest can work, and when it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

I've seen these before, and I don't like them. When these were done for G.I. Joe at Miami a couple of years ago, the strategy worked because GI Joes are soldiers who fight in battles and shit. Kid Robot are like designer vinyl toys, that carry a whole culture along with them, yet that seems to be ignored while using a distant and copied strategy for this product.

Kid Robot should use a strategy that explains why they're sought after and cool collectibles. Not because they're little toys that could fuck up other toys.

What do you guys think?

Brett said...

I did see these before in CMYK as well.

I agree.

I do like the mischief angle behind it, becuz in reality what are kids besides mischief? I think there could be something cool behind that, I don't know what, but right now you just took the G.I. Joe logo off and replaced it with Kid Robot's.

They do look cool tho. Props!

Anonymous said...

I just think that this product goes deeper than a cutesy strategy, cutesy might even work if it got to the lifestyle that accompanies Kid Robot.

These toys are art more or less, for adults, not something that you give an 8 year old to play house with.

I don't think it makes sense to focus on the title of "toy" for this brand.