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Friday, September 28, 2007

Boca Burgerama

This campaign for Boca Burgers was done by Luke Behrends (CW) of VCU AdCenter. It's a highly subjective industry, and despite the fact that a campaign like this would likely get shot down at my own school (as a marker comp) I love them.

They're funny, they're unexpected and they're very well written. Thoughts on "avant-garde" styles of execution. From your personal experiences, what is it like to present an idea like this in its early stages?


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me but I've noticed a lot of ads lately, mostly student, that are copy driven yet contain no headline.

This is fine, I guess, but isn't the job of the headline to draw the reader in? Even in long copy a solid headline is needed to entice the reader to actually read the ad, and even if they don't they can walk away with a statement that speaks to them.

Without a headline the ad seems like an obscure image with a lot of words.

There are headlines that can get lengthy but at a certain point it turns from a long headline to random copy.


Arthur said...

I think with interesting enough art direction you can compensate for lack of "drawing in" power.

Anonymous said...

I'm not digging these. It's an interesting approach I suppose. But at some point I think, who else would stick with these until the end of the story. Besides other ad students. I just don't think people would consider Boca an interesting enough product to warrant these kinds of executions.

Brock Johnson said...

I like these a lot. Good find.

I think that the tone of the copy plays well with the simplicity of the art direction.

I also think they nailed the strategy as my buddies and I are the same way about "veggie" burgers and whatnot. The copy is well written and quite funny.

perxach said...

The spork one I think gets repetative when between fork and spoon is stated. Most know what a spork is and if not should be able to figure it out by the line utencil stuck in limbo.
The Keytar one seems to run together and makes it confusing to read. Also the Amp seems flat and where is the cord.?
The amphibous jeep has a couple things that bother me. First of all where is the driver? or the dude is on the wrong side? And the jeep looks like it is ready for liftoff. It needs a shadow or something to ground it.
I like the stategy it just needs to be fine tuned. I am done judging now.