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Thursday, September 13, 2007

All Clad Headlines

This headline campaign for All-Clad Cookware was done by Jordan Smith (AD) and Brock Johnson (CW) of Brainco. Headlines (at least at one time) were the bread and butter of copywriters. How successful is the campaign? Thoughts on the lines and the art direction?


Anonymous said...

I think the whole campaign leaves a lot to be desired. The ads don't have a voice, they're kinda vanilla.

R. Falch said...

I agree.

But you know, everyone's a critic and most people are DJ's...

Brock Johnson said...

I agree as well.

I like the lines for the most part but I had a hard time making it anything more than just headlines.

Is it time to ditch this campaign or do you all think it has other places I can take it?

At this point I need to cut my losses and move on to other campaigns if need be.

Thanks for the feedback.

Arthur said...

I think they're "vanilla" because the strategy is. Its a good product though, so I wouldn't just toss it. You've thought about it enough to not have to start from scratch.

Casey Brewer said...

I think the lines are pretty nice. I don't however like the art direction or the type treatment. I wonder why the words in the headlines are capitalized. Doesn't make much sense to me.

The strategy is what is really boring to me though. All-Clad deserves a unique strategy.

All-Clad is a cool product, albeit one that seems to be done a lot by students.

mplsminx said...

Eeeeveryone does All-Clad.

The AD's been done before. I'm so over the plain white background lately (says the AD with the fruit on white, of course.) In this case, the white with the silver is just too sterile. But I think if you added color to the background you may make it too Le Creuset. Oh, dilemma.

The type--eh. I think the mood of the type was supposed to be "classic" but it ends up being "tired".

The Tupperware line is great. Pavlov and China are both all right. I don't know, Brock. How do you feel about it?

Brock Johnson said...

Most likely gonna dump it, Kels.

I'll revisit in a couple of months.

I appreciate it, everyone