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Saturday, July 7, 2007

A word from the designer: fun with gum.

I caught this out at my local gas station, and being the racoon with shiny, new, pretty packaging that I am, I had to admit that it was fairly innovative. I did some research on the gum, and the gum is created by wrigley's, called 5 because it is how many senses that are activated when using this gum. As a designer, I think it's very smart, but also practical, like "why didn't I think of that?" kind of mindset. I only got one of the packs, and the gum is good, but I just want to see what other design students or possibly other ad students think of it.


Anonymous said...

Almost looks like a movie promo. It's nice though.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, hold on I need to feel out this design. Ok, I'm here. It's gum. I like that the design attempts to stimulate my senses, thanks for the attempt. The real deal is that it is chewing gum. I feel that they are taking a cue from the personal sanitation wars. Buy our product because it will apeal to the opposite sex. I'm not saying that this gum makes me horny but it is treading the same (design) water as axe,tag,right guard, whatever. It's gum, show me a design that will give me confidence agaisnt my halitosis.

On a seperate note I will attempt to start a new debate. Deoderant. Gamekillers, unreal. Axe, some OK executions. Right Guard, you obviously did not get the memo.

All I see is an attempt by a creative to turn a stick of baking soda into the end all solution to all of my female mishaps. Fair enough. Smelling good is important when it comes to courting females, but as far as branding your own scented baking soda stick; give me something new.

Honestly I think this category needs a new and unexcpected twist. "This deoderant will attract too much." I.E. By applying this scented baking soda not only will you attract the hot females, but you will attract flamboyant homos, transexuals, grizzly bears, africanized killer bees, the ugly math teacher that made you cringe, closet lebians, and everyday kitchen appliances.

At this point in time another sex ad for deoderant will be so reduntant (despite it's brilliance) that dudes might feel the need to rebel and just start stinking.

Note to all, this conversation has been copyrighted so don't attempt to steal the strategy previously stated.