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Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Importance of Long Copy

This long copy ad was done by Gerald Blanton (AD) and Kevin Dunleavy (CW) at VCU Ad Center. How important is it, both for writers and art directors to have good long copy in their book?

It isn't always the stuff that gets the awards, in fact it seems that it never is--but I've heard professionals say that it is very important as a writer to show that you can write, and as an art director, that you can lay it out.

That said, the changing dynamics in media today seems to driving creatives towards alternatives to high word counts. How beneficial is it really to have in your book. Or imperative?


Marissa said...

Absolutley. If you're a writer, you should have words. Lots of them.

R. Falch said...

Yeah, I think that every writer should have a long copy campaign.

I also think this ad is really good. I wonder what the others look like?

Anonymous said...

I agree, not because I feel wholeheartedly about the topic, but because I just visited the CPB website and.... If you are applying for a copywriter internship position, please submit a long-copy writing sample from a school assignment, a job, or a sample on any subject that will show off your impressive writing.

If Crispin demands long copy then it is important.

D Moss said...

Writers should have lots of words. However, they should be amazing words. If you're just writing long copy to have a long copy ad, don't bother.