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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

And 1

An And 1 campaign worked on by a student at Brainco. One in a series of slightly longer copy print ads. Thoughts on the concept, the copy, the art direction?


Andy said...

i dig this campaign a lot. the only problem is that you spelled "probably" with two l's.

Anonymous said...

As an avid watcher of the 3:am re-runs of And1 tours on ESPN I consider myself familiar with the image and voice of the brand. I think this copy comes from a good and sound angle. But I was waiting for the specific examples of this trial-and-error mentality. In every player interview I've heard from this show I always here them recall a moment in their past and ultimately relate it to their game. Like every life lesson inspired one of their trick moves. I think that's cool and inspiring. And one other thing, the last line is a bit of downer for me. It's one thing to care less about failure. It's another to fail in order to succeed. The latter is motivating while the former kinda sounds like the person is disinterested and lazy.

R. Falch said...

For what it's worth, this seems to be ground that has been excavated many, many times.

And been done rather well.

Perhaps there is a different point of view or voice that could do the speaking?

Casey Brewer said...

I've covered a couple of And 1 events when I used to write for the Timberwolves. I've interviewed some of the players, and learned a bit about their perspectives.

We've all seen the aspirational message attached to athletic shoes, but this one doesn't sound as authentic as it could be for the brand. And 1 is an affordable brand with credibility amongst everyone from the NBA to Ruckers park. Kids can actually afford these shoes, which can't be said about Nike, and Adidas.

I just don't think the "failure" message is apt. I think it would more appealing with a tone of unbridaled confidence. The players add their names to this brand seem to carry with them "do whatever it takes" mentality, and thus, name themselves Main Event, The Professor, Helicopter etc. They think they're best at what they do, and I'm sure they would tell you all about it if they could.

FWIW, I like the art direction. New typeface?

mplsminx said...

i know nothing about sports, as you well know.

however, one tiny quibble with the art direction--the typography, actually. distressed type is great! what isn't great is being able to tell that it's been distressed by the computer. it tends to be especially noticeable with double letters, or with the bold letters. an option to improve upon that is to take the letters into photoshop or illustrator and to distress them yourself, then reinsert them into the final comp.

i've gotten a lot of crap for this particular quirk in critique and imagine that you will, as well!

Anonymous said...

This ad has well-intentions as well as the half seed of a great idea.

Other than that be aware that your competition is NIKE.

Anonymous said...

... and I love NIKE.

Anonymous said...

There are certain brands you just don't touch in portfolio school folks, and this being one of them. Unless you can think of something that is totally new and fresh and amazing, then do it. Otherwise, it's a no no. Haven't they told you that at your school?