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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Baby Einstein

This is a campaign for Baby Einstein baby toys done @ Brainco. Simple visual solution. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

So, it's me again the anonymous drunk blogger. You all probably know who it is, so there we are.

Thanks Aurthur, for the new post. I remember seeing these but I can't remember whose they were. Anyway I kind of like this campaign but not totally. First, the shadow puppets execution is the strongest by far. In fact as a single I think it is well worth going into a final book.

Not saying the rest of campaign is off but lets take a look. The piano, its on the right path, but the question is why would a play piano be so close to the real piano. I'm sure you could argue why it is, but there should be no argument. Maybe it is just the location of the smaller piano, this shot should be from a different angle maybe. The beauty of the shadow puppets is that it plays out so naturally with the twist. The piano feels a little forced. Maybe the little piano is something different like a Walkman, or an Ipod. That way even though technology is what we all live by, the kid is so enlightened that the sound of Beethoven is best appreciated with a piano.

Now to the drawing. The idea is there but the execution has nothing to do with the first 2. So the kid puts something extra when he colors, the problem is that the other two are showing from a 3rd person perspective of the kid being smart, the drawing is a first person account of the kids aptitude. If there was a Picasso in the background and the kid is doing a simple coloring book, and the kid takes it upon himself to turn Mickey Mouse into a work of art inspired by the painting in the room, or maybe a math problem he puts on the chalkboard turns into the key to solving the final chapter of astro physics and after the last number is written on the board a vortex appears. I don't know I'm drunk but there is and are many executions that will go with the first two. When the third is found this will be a a killer campaign. The strategy is simple, which is the way a strategy should be, a strategy so simple is also at an advantage of being capable of turning out many executions.

Keep pushing to find the third and tweak the second.

Drunky out.

Casey Brewer said...

Is that a baby einstein shit next to the play piano?

The hand gestures one is awesome, and I like the piano too. The third is a little tougher to get, but I think what you're trying to say isn't as much the skill of the baby artist, but what he's drawing. He's not just smart, he's astrophysics smart. Maybe the illustration is of an actual rocket done in a technical draft style? Graph paper and all. Just a thought. Well done by the way.

Theresa said...

I couldn't tell that kid was sitting on a piano bench at first. I thought he was kickin' it old school on a coffee table. *shrug*