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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

PS2 ads from India

These are actual ads that were in production fro the PS2 in India. I gotta tell you, the ads are pretty good, in the body copy and in the aspect of layout. but then, I read the tag. As ad students, we are trying to push the envelope in terms of execution and concepts, but when is pushing the envelope becomes simply pushing buttons?


R. Falch said...

The only thing I liked about these ads was the typography and the tagline.

I mean, it makes me smirk.

Anonymous said...

I dug the type treatment but that's it. I think the tag is lame. Too limiting and comes off as telegraphed after reading the copy. I just don't think it's flexible enough.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

Cool AD...conceptually very gimicky.

Anonymous said...

I like the typography... if this was an ad for methadone. Maybe I should move to India where a strategy statement is all you need.

mplsminx said...

Meh on the typography. I feel like it's been done soooo many times and executed much better, too.

I read the tag on the first execution and misread it as "shirtless", which would have been witty with the discussion of shirts in the body copy.
I guess I just feel like the tag's just shocking for the sake of being shocking.

R. Falch said...

I will add that for the product, the execution could be A LOT better.

Gong Liu said...

i really want to read the copy. really.

Anonymous said...

please post something new, these ads suck so bad, for real, the copy isn't even that good. Playstation, this is the pinnacle of entertainment... entertain me for christ's sake.

We Love the subbbssss, cuz they are good for us.. We love the subssss, cuz they are good for us. da da da duh... we have a pepper barrrrrrr.

Brock Johnson said...

I don't like any of it.

Anonymous said...

dude, im sitting in my apt. with a crazy chick I met at the bar. I am probably going to have sex with her because I'm a pushover. All I have to say is, I love you all. Pray for me and remmeber these ads are bad.

As a student the worst ads you do, should be the start of the best ads you do.

At one point I said I wanted to kick Colin's ass. Now Colin and I are cool. And that original disagreement, has dissolved and the criticism I received from the notorious hater, has turned into some of the best work I thought I was capable of.

Bottom line. Brock is the man. Second bottom line. You will get bad and sometimes mean criticism. Don't take it personally. But do take it personally. The criticism you receive might make you want to cry.

Well then, when you are crying, think of how to improve it. Also take the negative things whether its critism or comments and turn that around. If someone says you suck and cant write a headline, or do a layout, take that and make it your goal to prove that person wrong.

Getting good feedback is THE best feeling we receive as students. But getting good feedback after you thought it was impossible, is better than sex, one million dollars, and traveling back in time to the 4th grade.

We all strive to have great books. But proving to people as well as yourself that you are talented is the best grade anyone could ever hope for.

I'm drunk and I hope everything i said makes sense. Now I have to go have sex.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if that chick stuck around while he was writing his long dribble of a post. Get your priorities straight dude. Make naughty with the girlie THEN start ranting about advertising. And post pictures of your lady friend next time.

Anonymous said...

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