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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Canada Tourism

This print campaign for Canada Tourism was done by Barb Etzkorn (AD) and Andy Zetzman (CW) of Brainco. Thoughts, feelings, impressions? I'm a big fan of the art direction.


mplsminx said...

i adore the art direction. i remember seeing this on the wall at brainco and being very impressed.

it's lovely. if there was a great example of how to lay out long copy, i'd have to point to this. just gorgeous.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

What do you think about the logo?

R. Falch said...

I really like the art direction. It's wonderful.

I don't like the logo at all or the headlines.

And don't tell me the headlines don't matter!

Andy said...

thanks for the feedback y'all! (give more!)

i'm working on changing the headlines so they're able to stand on their own better. what do you think about the rest of the copy?

Anonymous said...

Andy, I have a suggestion.

I'm assuming you have the copy as a word file? If you copy and paste them as a reply here, we can all get a better look @ the copy and give you easier feedback.