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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What's in YOUR book?

Long-time reader, first-time poster.

I'm an art director (I'm clearly not a writer) and I'm interested in hearing your opinions on this:

I was proposing some spec work to one of my writers last night when I realized that I had no idea what's really missing from my book. I always hear things like "Oh, you should have some travel," or "There should be a parity product," or some other blanket statement. But no one's ever said "You know, these are the categories CDs are interested in seeing," and then laid out a list.

So, what I'm interested in hearing is what you think--or what you've heard--qualifies as an even mix of clients for a student book. What do you have? What do you wish you had?


Casey Brewer said...

Let's see, my student book had:

Television program - Meet the press
Magazine - Skeptical inquirer
Service - It's Just Lunch
Packaged goods - Arthur Bryants, Espositos
High end product - Restoration Hardware
Parity product - Hampton Bay fans
Sports/recreation - St. Croix Fishing rods
Trade - Estwing Hammers

I think creative directors like to see students attempt to solve real-world tough problems, like banks, hospitals etc.

minx said...

Thanks Casey! Those categories were exactly what I was looking for.

R. Falch said...

In this day and age, portfolios aren't enough to impress a CD. Make sure to include large monetary bribes.

minx said...

Falch: Can you give me ballpark estimates, please?