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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why didn't I think of it?!

This was done by BBDO Atlanta a couple years ago. So simple, so brilliant. Makes me go: "why didn't I think of that." I'm sure all of you portfolio students have had this experience--or perhaps the inverse, when you create an ad you didn't realize has been done before.

I'm curious what your experiences at your school is like when this happens. At Brainco, its usually: sorry, can't do it. Unless it wasn't smack dab simple (or smack dab good for that matter).


Casey Brewer said...

Arthur, we have a similar blog called Superbeast creative. I've added portfolio party to our "friends of" list. Perhaps you could do the same here?



Anonymous said...

Every ad should be simple, this is as simple as a strategy gets.