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Sunday, June 24, 2007

The 800 Project

Starting Monday, July 23rd, we will begin the first annual 800 Headline Project in which all student writers (or art directors if they care to partake) willing to face the fire and brimstone of Sally Hogshead notorious 800 BMW headlines endeavor, will have 8 days to write 800 hundred headlines.

The brand will be posted on the Midnight (EDT) of the 23rd. Feel free to post suggested brands. We'll probablly pick an easier one--because Sally did.

An external Blogger site will be used for everyone to post their headlines. Details will be available there as well.

PASS IT ON! Only the prolific will survive.


max is a genius said...

cherry flavored antacids

ryan said...
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Andy said...

great idea, arthur. i'm down with whatever.

R. Falch said...

Giving up a week of your life? This is suppose to be fun, no?

I think you should make the product some sort of anti-anxiety medication. Should bode well.

ryan said...

Not exactly giving up the week, just killing all the free time. Honesty it sounds like a blast. Any more product suggestions?

americanmidwestsamurai said...
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R. Falch said...

I think this is a great idea. You should make it for the household cleaner, Fantastik.

It's fantastic.

max is a genius said...

how bout Ore-Ida?

americanmidwestsamurai said...

I was advised by a certain expert, that it would be best to pick a brand category that has flexibility.

One that could be used for a variety of different products/brands to special fit to everyones book. Here are some category ideas:

-travel luggage
-affordable sports cars
-household cleaners
-pot pies
-laundry detergent/bleach
-hand/body lotion

This is by no means a final list. Just trying to open up the conversation a little bit more. More thoughts please.

Anonymous said...

800 headlines? That is roughly equivelant to 7200 words. While we all strive to be as talented as Sally, why not put 7,000 words to good, practical use. As stated in a previous post, long copy is imparative to a writers book.

Pick a product and start writing. 7200 divided by 3 equals 2400 words. I have written 3, 1200 word ads for products, and while the long copy has failed miserably I was able to find 60 amazing headlines.

A word to writers. Write 4,000 words about your assigned product. It is impossible to not come up with at least 3 headlines from that. It's unorthadox but it works.