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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Too Easy? Or Well Done?

This campaign was done by Brett Beaty (AD) and Rick Williams (CW) of The Creative Circus for Elimidate. Here's my question: Is doing an ad for Elimidate too easy to put in a student book?

I know at Brainco, it would be highly unlikley that any teacher give us this assigment. There's a lot of inherent drama built in. Luke Sullivan writes in Whipple to pick boring products. But is this just an old idea that needs to be changed?

That being said, I like the last of the 3 the best. They would be best without the solution line telling you who wins--and overall the writing could be funnier.


ryan said...

Oh man, get rid of those ugly sisters!. The third execution is great though. I agree, the winner should be left up to the viewer. I absolutely love "dive into the shallow end" is that a the writers line or CW's?

Elimidate seems Kosher in a student book to me, granted, its an easy product, but an execution that makes you smile is always good to have around.

Gong Liu said...

i like it but it's too easy of a client.

max is a genius said...


Anonymous said...

Personally I don't think its TOO easy I mean in the sea of reality dating shows this strategy seems to really nail the pulse of the show, get rid of the ugly chicks or dudes. Although you could argue that all these shows are shallow which they are no one has seemed to use this strategy for their show or advertise for that matter. I don't know, it makes me laugh which is worth something.