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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Metro Transit Campaign

The above is a campaign for Twin Cities Area Public Transportation. Thoughts on the campaign? Do they need a headline, or would it be better without? Thoughts on photography?


Andy said...

i really dig these. being able to chill out during your commute is a powerful benefit to riding the bus.

i think that they do need some sort of headline. i like the ones you've written. write them 20 more times and see if you can beat them (ha.. kidding.) maybe they need to be a little bigger? i don't know. i think right now they kind of get lost in the art direction (which is maybe what you intended).

my only question with the photography is that 2 of them have a black background and the cd one doesn't. not that it's a huge deal, but i was just curious about that.

overall, i think this campaign rocks. did you do this for zaar's newspaper class 3rd semester?

Anonymous said...

The alt for this campaign made the show, which it deserved. As far the print or whatever it is campaign goes... It is like kind of there. The strategy of enjoying a peaeful trip before you go to the shit hell job you work at is strong. But I dont think the excecutions are there.

I see this and I think my coffee will be finished by the time I get to work, or my CD will reach the last song by the time I start to have to hating my day.

There is a bigger idea there. As a consumer of public transportation I underatand what you are saying but what you are showing does'nt make me want to ride the bus more or tell friends, "dude, ride the bus, man. Like you can finish that Coffee by the time you get there."

Tell me why finishing the coffee is important. As a subjective bus rider (that hates the bus) I will still tell people, "yea, it's OK, I mean I can clear my head, and I have ample time to mentally prepare for the day when I ride the bus for 45 minutes.

Keep in mind you are selling 30-60 minutes of boredom to people. Make it glamourous.

Anonymous said...

I am officially drunk so I apologize for the typos/errors.