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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Strategy Work

Here's an example of some work done by Rose Quasarano a recent graduate from the Creative Circus. To me it's an example of a student taking a good risk in strategy, and making a real nice campaign out of it. No logo needed. Nice headlines, maybe the art-direction could use a little diversification, but this is the kind of smart stuff I digg. Thoughts?


mplsminx said...

Ooh, the art direction's kind of a snooze but those lines are magnificent.

Brock Johnson said...

Great ideas and finding the truisms. Writing can be easy when you focus on the cool ideas within.

I agree, more diversification.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea. I like the voice a lot. The target is smart. But, I don't understand why the stategy is considered to be a risk. It's more insightful. Takes the age old kid and apple juice approach to a new place. But I don't think it's a leap. It's not like Dove for instance going against the grain and showing the artificial beauty behind most fasion ads.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

I don't think risk has to have an edge to it.

By risk, I mean taking an insight--a very emotional, intangible, metaphysical benefit--and using it as a platform for an entire campaign.

You expect an apple juice ad to talk about how pure the apples are, or how incredibly natural-tasting it is, or any number of tangible benefits the juice may have. But you don't expect to see an apple juice ad about how it transports you back in time.

That to me is makes it risky. Maybe a different kind of risky than some more obvious strategies (like the aformentioned Dove campaign) but a risk nonetheless.