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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Portfolio execution and presentation realization.

Yesterday I went to seek out the Art Director's Club in NYC so that heading out there for Monday would be alot easier than to panic and be late about it. I walked in, and accidentally walked into the portfolio review of the School of visual arts. These are seniors, and I had to tell you, looking at their portfolios, I felt really like I got slapped in the face.

Each individual had their own style, and showed an amazing level of conceptualization and polish to their work. One Girl had a really nice black plexi-glass portfolio box that was custom made, as well as mini booklets in 3 differing styles. Another guy made his book to look like a mini light table, and his works were on overhead sheets and dressed up to look like large slides. It was like this for all of the students that were there, and I now know that I really have to push the envelope in terms of my concepts, my executions, and my mode of presentation. It's a little nerve-wracking going into this conference / critique with the body of work that I have, and though I know that I have some good work, bringing my work on mounted presentation board is not going to cut it. I have to go creatively insane. This is just more of an observation than it is anything else.

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