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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Web 2.what is it now?

This web ad for Ampad was done by Priyanka Guha (AD) and Amy Travis (CW) of VCU AdCenter.

It gives us an opportunity to talk about having web/interactive pieces in our student books. I think it's mostly clear that we should all have some web in our book. But what makes a good web ad? Should it play off the environment? Should it truly be interactive? Or is a banner that could work as a print, or outdoor equally as legitimate on the net as it is in print? Thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

Love trying to rock out the Web but I just dont get it.

Ampad? from this execution I don't get what the product is, and even if i knew what ampad was I would still be confused by seeing it in an online medium.

Then even if I could get through those first two things then I have to look at the line (that is crossed out) and the line reminds me of a brilliant campaign that came from Brainco for some garbage can. The perfect spot for great ideas.. or something like that. My bad Falch if i twisted your words.

I am not trying to hate on the whole idea but there is a lot going on for a scratch pad. Hopefully I'm not too stupid and it is for a scratch pad.

Keep it simple and if its for olden day actual physical writing, then play off that, wether you twist print or twist the digital aspect.

Right now, its a confusing execution with a confusing line with some confusing art direction.

Keep it simple, break down all the binary code that a web page is consisted of to scratch handwriting, there is a simple yet effective visuial solution.

IDK I am drunk, and I like the poke at Web but make sure it makes sense.