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Monday, March 12, 2007

Get Fantastical

The following are marker comps that a group @ Brainco worked on for a 3M Air Filter system. The idea, is that the air filter works like some of Earth's natural creatures (Whales = filter feeders, bees taking care of pollen) to clean/purify the air.

Does it work? Need a better tag? Need some body copy? Or does it miss the mark entirley, being wild and wacky simply for the sake of being so?

1 comment:

Brock Johnson said...

I really like these. They will be a lot stronger with some copy to tie in the connection. As it stands its difficult to understand.

As far as the bees goes, it may be the wrong execution of putting insects in there to purify the air, when insects are one of the things the products filters out. Just a suggestion.

where's the mo'fucking snails, yo?